Terms of use

General Terms and Conditions

I. Enquiries and Reservations

1. For enquiries and reservation is necessary to send names of passengers, personal data and an indication of the individual program.

2. The reservation is valid only if ECO FRIENDLY PLANET confirmed it within 24 (twenty four) hours.

3. The reservation is valid after filling the subscription form / booking form / and the deposit paid.

II. Rights and obligations of the parties


4.1. Prepare, provide and implement the tourist service described in the enquiry form, the User is obliged to provide voluntary their personal data and other information necessary for proper clearance of the documents.

4.2. Provide compulsory insurance "Travel Abroad Medical Insurance with Assistance" to the User for journeys abroad in the standard conditions of the insurance company and to provide to the User the original insurance policy before starting the journey.

5. ECO FRIENDLY PLANET is entitled:

5.1. To cancel the contract without incurring any liability if the user fails to make payments in due time and thus manifest bad faith in the performance of their duties. The fact of payment is certified by a properly executed document. If the User has paid a deposit, but not done in due time the payments to the full amount of the trip, the deposit is not returned.

6. User is obliged:

6.1. To pay, in full and in the presented in the contract terms, the value of the tourist services. User is obliged to pay all required payments (insurance, etc.), which are mentioned in the program / package.

6.2. To observe the laws of the country to which he travels.

6.3. The user who intends to travel and perform in countries with increased risk of infectious diseases must undergo prophylaxis according to the international medical requirements.

6.4. User is responsible for the correctness and validity of the foreign passport or identity card.

6.5. Users who have passports other than Bulgarian, are obliged to inform, what is the visa regime in the country they wish to visit.

7. The User is entitled:

7.1. To transfer the rights and obligations of the reservation in favor of a third party which accepts the total price for the trip, with the consent of ECO FRIENDLY PLANET and in accordance with the reservation policy of the accommodation (hotels, studios, apart hotels or camping). ECO FRIENDLY PLANET in accordance with good practice will do everything possible for transferring the accommodation, the latter can be confirmed only in cases of reached agreement with the accommodation.

8. Liability of the Parties

8.1. In case of failure or improper performance by ECO FRIENDLY PLANET of the services under this contract we are liable to compensate the User duly proven damages. The limit of liability of ECO FRIENDLY PLANET in such cases is up to 100% of the value of these services.
8.2. In case the minimum number of tourists (if such is mentioned) is not reached ECO FRIENDLY PLANET must offer an alternative program or accommodation redirection to another day, individual program or a full refund without penalty. Within seven (7) days after being notified the User is obliged to submit its written decision to ECO FRIENDLY PLANET. ECO FRIENDLY PLANET may cancel the trip if the minimum number of participants is not reached or if the cancellation is due to force majeure. In these cases ECO FRIENDLY PLANET is not liable for breach of the Contract and must return to the User all amounts paid without that part of them for the expenses (insurance, charges for returned tickets, visa fees and other). These expenses must be accompanied by a duly issued documents.

8.3. The tour operator is not liable to the User in case of cancellation, delay or changes to the terms and conditions of the trip which does not depend on the Tour operator, namely:

- Delayed flights for technical or weather reasons;

- Cancellation or interruption of the trip due to personal reasons of the User;

- Loss or damage to baggage during the journey;

- Failure of authorities to issue visas to the User;

- Avoidance of the customs and border services User leaving Bulgaria or entering the country trip due to lack of proper documents or any offenses.

8.4. ECO FRIENDLY PLANET is not liable in default or not proper execution of this Agreement, if the reasons for this is due to:
a) User;
b) the actions of a third party unrelated to the performance of the Contract;
c) force majeure or event that can not be foreseen or prevented by ECO FRIENDLY PLANET and its partners in good performance of their duties.
8.5. If ECO FRIENDLY PLANET makes a significant change in some of the substantive provisions of this Agreement, it is obliged to immediately notify the User. User is obliged to inform us for its decision on the changes within 3 days of receiving of the notification from ECO FRIENDLY PLANET. User declares in the Contract that the phone, fax, e-mail mentioned there can actually be used by ECO FRIENDLY PLANET for quick and reliable delivery of messages. The adoption of the changes are certified by an additional agreement to the contract. If the user does not accept the changes ECO FRIENDLY PLANET offers him another trip of the same, higher or lower price with corresponding additional payment or refund of the difference. If the User does not accept the offer, he can cancel the Contract without penalties or damages and  ECO FRIENDLY PLANET shall refund the amounts paid under the Contract within 7 days of receipt of the notification of refusal.
Replacement of the hotel or restaurant and entertainment with another of the same or higher category without changing the price or replacement of a vehicle with another of the same or higher category or class is not considered a substantial modification of the Contract.
ECO FRIENDLY PLANET is not liable for unfulfilled transfer due to the late or unfulfilled flight the fault of the airline. Waiting time for late flight is 1 hour.
8.6. Every parent accompanying a child under 18 must present and has a notarized power of attorney from the other parent. In cases where a child under 18 traveling with another adult is required notarized authorization from both parents. During the journey the user is obliged to provide the original and at least two (2) copies of the proxy to serve the customs authorities.
8.7. ECO FRIENDLY PLANET has no direct responsibility for the damage caused to the hotel by the tourists.

III. Payment terms

9. In preparing the  Contract must be made a deposit of ....%* of the total, depending on the type and hotel accommodation unless otherwise stated.
10. residue to the full amount must be paid no later than fourteen (14) working days prior to departure date, unless otherwise stated in the program or Contract.
11. In case the amount is not paid within that period, the reservation is canceled and the deposit remains to the benefit of operators.
*the deposit amount, the deadlines and all terms are subject to every single Contract differently

IV. Terms in cases of amendment and/or cancellations

12. For changes on hotels, resorts or period is necessary to complete a new contract with the changes. Changes have to be confirmed within three (3) working days and are subject to availability.
13. The deadline before which the consumer can cancel the Contract (cancellation) without penalty is:
13.1. Hotel accommodation: ............. (...)* working days before the date of travel, except in cases the other period is provided.
14. In the event of cancellation of a trip by the user after the deadline, it owes a penalty as follows:
- From ... (....) to ... (...)* working days before the date of the trip -% ...... (......)* of the value of the tourist product;
- From .... (....) to ... (....)* business days before the date of the trip -% .... (.....)* of the value of the tourist product;
- By ... (......)* days before the date of the trip -% .... (......)* of the value of the tourist product;

*the deposit amount, the deadlines and all terms are subject to every single Contract differently

V. Returns and Damages

15. Returns on the organization and conduct of tours, the customer may submit in writing within 7 (seven) days after the date of his return to Bulgaria.

16. The client is obliged to submit a trilateral protocol for non-compliance, signed by a representative of the host agency in the country, the administration of the facility, tourism service providers and himself.

17. All complaints of the travelers must be submitted in writing to the hotel management in the time of their stay at the hotel. Complaints in other form except written could be denied for consideration.

18. agency or tour operator shall notify the customer of its response within thirty (30) days after the deposit of the claim.

19. Any damage to the hotel or the objects are paid on site by the client.

20. Any service outside the packages bought from ECO FRIENDLY PLANET and paid in Bulgaria, which are bought and paid on the spot by travelers should be brought to the tour operator and the receiver company that provided them. For such services and claims to such services ECO FRIENDLY PLANET is not responsible.

VI. Force majeure

21. ECO FRIENDLY PLANET is not responsible in case of difficulties, delays and problems associated with factors which are deemed as compelling circumstances: bad weather conditions; complicated traffic conditions; natural disasters; difficulties caused by mass events / strikes, riots, celebrations of national or religious holidays / and phenomena or events that can not be foreseen or prevented by the agency.
22. In case of "Force majeure" ECO FRIENDLY PLANET would make the amount refund if the event is accepted as such by the host country or carrier, and the actual recovery is made by the contractors.

VII. Additional conditions

24. ECO FRIENDLY PLANET is responsible to make a medical insurance to the User for any travel outside the territory of Bulgaria, which is not included in the price, unless expressly stated otherwise in the Contract.

25. ECO FRIENDLY PLANET holds a license for tour operator and tour agency activities № PK-01-6993, issued on 05.09.2012, As well as insurance "Liability of the tour operator" with policy № 13160153540000059 of 19.08.2013. / Allianz Bulgaria Insurance Co. Ltd.

26. Each Party shall promptly notify the other Party of the circumstances surrounding the contract, which would prevent the fulfillment of the obligations under the contract. Any such notice must be in writing and be sent via email or addresses specified in the Contract.

27. All disputes arising between the parties in the course of fulfilling their contractual relations are solved by negotiation. In case it does not reach a settlement within thirty days each party has the right to seek a solution under current legislation.

28. For all outstanding issues, should apply the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation.

29. Amendments, additions or cancellation of the contractual relationships between the parties shall be made only with written bilateral annexes and subject to the Tourism Act.

30. If the ECO FRIENDLY PLANET changed general conditions, is obliged to publish it on its website, believing that with this inform all travel agents and tourists.

31. The general terms and conditions are available to download and view from all travel agents, end users and all stakeholders in the contract for providing tourist services.

32. These Terms and Conditions are valid from 01.01.2015.